Monday, 25 January 2016

Why is stainless steel cookware very popular?

Is it finally time to throw away your old cookware and get new ones? I have been there too. It comes with a mixture of excitement and confusion.

Excitement because you can’t wait to finally grace your kitchen with bright colored, shinny and new set of cooking ware. Yet, all the research, reviews and advertisements are making it difficult for you to make a perfect decision for your purchase!

I know you have seen articles and cookware set reviews claiming that stainless steel cooking sets are the best. Did you probably think it was an overstatement? Well, other materials such as ceramics, copper and iron have their own merits and, they may be most suitable in specific cooking. But even with that, stainless steel cookware remains popular among other materials in the market.

This can be attributed to various reasons including its versatility, inert, durability and high heat capacity.

I can vouch for the pristine, shiny look that is a characteristic of stainless steel cookware. This mirrored finish is easy to maintain for years to come with simple cleaning using your usual kitchen detergents such as soap and water. Besides, they can be safely cleaned with a dishwasher.

In an effort to design cookware sets that are easy and convenient to use, most stainless steel cooking set brands have ergonomically designed their products to enhance safety. For instance, most come with a stay cool handle and either a tempered glass lid or a metal lid.

Due to its chemical properties, steel is non reactive to acids, oils and foods. This ensures that you can cook all sorts of foods without fear of the metal corroding and absorbing into the food. This is a prime property that also ensures that stainless steel cookware sets preserve the flavor of food.

Steel has high durability that makes it almost impossible to scratch, break or dent hence cookware made from steel can last for many years.

Another reason for its popularity is that many companies manufacturing stainless steel cookware are doing so in adherence to eco-friendly standards. More so, most brands manufacture their cookware from scrap metal. Also, upon exhausting its usage, you can give up your old stainless steel cooking set for recycling. This creates a sustainable environment by curbing pollution due to poor disposal of metals.

Although over time, stainless steel pots have been critiqued for poor heat distribution, advancement in technology have led to innovations in managing this con. There are stainless steel cookwares in the market with the inner core made of copper or aluminum for better heat distribution. Typically, those with an inner coating of aluminum or copper are on a higher price range.

You need not break the bank to acquire this preferable set of cookware. With a little due diligence, you can be able to identify some quality brands at an affordable price. Read product descriptions, customer reviews and ask for a discount where possible. A good purchase is most likely to come with a warranty.

Stainless steel has a few demerits such as poor heat conductivity. However, these are overshadowed by the numerous merits. Thus, this explains why good stainless steel cookware sets are preferred for home cooking and professional cooking in the US and across the globe.

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