Thursday, 21 January 2016

My apologies to all, I have nothing but abandoned this blog, but I had no desire to write and less time to do it. Such a large family needs time and love, and that is what I have dedicated myself to.

Looking forward to the holiday starting next week, and leave our Mediterranean city to asphalt and dry indoor heat (die smothered this summer). One needs to breathe salty and humid air, sit facing the sea and be quiet some times (hard luck, because with three daughters, we enjoy rare silences). Give and receive smiles and hugs, eat lots of watermelon and drinking iced coffee ... feel the sand under my feet and the sea soaking my body, I feel the joy of my little noisy children and see how they grow .... Hold hands for the ride, cycling, the smell of paella on Sundays, sunsets, eating ice cream, live in a bikini, leave the mobile forgotten and not have to be aware of the time...I'm looking forward to all these.

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